Create Bounty

Propose something for anyone with a Twitter handle or a wallet address, even if they don’t have an account here.

What exactly do you want to happen? What kind of proof do you need to make sure? This can’t be changed later on, so be as detailed as possible.
Who will do this? Use their Twitter handle or Solana wallet address.
Who will get paid once the bounty is fulfilled? Split evenly, or choose a percentage for each payee.
As the creator of the bounty, you receive 5% of the reward if the bounty is successful.
Not logged in.
Your Creator Cut: 5%
Your selections can’t be changed later on, so make sure that you’re giving the fulfiller(s) enough time.
Time To Submit
Amount of time you are allowing for the Fulfuller to submit proof that they completed the bounty. The timer starts right after they accept the bounty.
Voting Period
The amount of time for Backers to vote on whether or not the bounty was actually completed by the Fulfiller. The timer starts right after the Fulfiller submits proof of work.
Upload an image that will appear on the bounty page and card. It should be at least 1296 x 324 pixels (4/1 aspect ratio) for full resolution. Anything outside of this box will be permanently cropped, so make sure to double check before you create the bounty.
To keep the quality of bounties high, please stake at least 0.50 Solana (~$22.70). Like everyone else, you'll get your money back if the event doesn't happen.
= 0.5 SOL
= 0 SOL
Make sure you have some extra money in your balance!
Up to a few dollars will be deducted from your wallet in addition to your contribution to store this on the Solana blockchain.