Hype it to life.



Want someone to make or do something? Create a bounty that targets their Twitter account or Solana wallet.


Back a bounty by adding funds to it, even while the targeted person is unaware. Get your money back if the original proposal isn’t fulfilled.


If someone targeted you with a bounty, accept and prove that you fulfilled it to receive the reward.



Ahoy is a platform for collectively bringing ideas to life. Request anything from anyone by crowdfunding a bounty toward a defined goal. By pooling funds in a smart contract escrow, like-minded strangers can incentivize anything they want to happen.

A bounty is a sum of money that gets paid if – and only if – something happens. When you create one, you choose who will make the event happen and who will be rewarded (via Twitter handle or wallet address). No matter what, payees get paid or backers get refunded.

So that you don’t have to take anyone on their word. The blockchain guarantees commitments in unchangeable code. With all terms spelled out in a smart contract, users can coordinate around a unchangeable bounty.

As the person fulfilling it, you don’t need to worry about bounced checks or empty donation promises. As backers, you’re able to vote on if the fulfiller did their job. The bounty is controlled by the people who want the thing to happen, not the platform.

Ahoy is built on the Solana Blockchain, an openly accessible piece of infrastructure, which means that all financial commitments are permanently visible to all.

The final step for each bounty is a 48-hour fraud review by the Ahoy team. We’ll only step in to prevent fraud or abuse. This was an intentional design decision to prevent clear cases of bad faith voting, like 51% attacks. We plan to decentralize this review process over time.